Wednesday, November 9, 2011

where a kid can be a kid

On Harper's actual birthday,
we went to Chuck E. Cheese.
Just our little family... and Anthony's entire soccer team. ha.
The boys had a blast and,
I just chased them around with my camera.
They really are growing up so quickly.
Older people tell you all the time, "It goes by so fast"and "I remember when mine were that little. Now they're in college". I didn't realize how right  they were, until now. Once you start having children, yes the nights are long and the days are challenging, but I believe these are some of the sweetest moments of our lives.

I was brushing Landon's teeth the other day and explained that the toothpaste helps kill the germs in his mouth. He looked very concerned and asked, "Are the germs crying?"

A few days later, there were two flies in my kitchen. I was about to make lunch and I haaaate flies. So I went on a swatting spree, killing one, picking it up with a paper towel, and throwing it away, unaware that Landon was watching me in shock. Still unaware, I swung again to kill the next fly, and Landon cried out. I looked up to see him, horrified. He yelled, "No, mommy, no! Don't kill it! It just a baby! He not big. He not big." (Um, yes the fly was huge) but he was literally on the verge of tears. So, I let the darn fly live. I'm so thankful for this sweet, sensitive boy, even if he is the most rambunctious one I know.