Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo Shoot

We had photos done on Friday, just in time for Father's Day. My friend Monica took them for us and I was really impressed with the results. Bubba was so fussy all day, I figured he would be a nightmare by the time we left for the shoot. Thankfully, Monica is a mother herself and has lots of experience with kids. He didn't cry once! Monica is super creative and so good at capturing those candid shots; the moments that pass you by so quickly as parents. If you want to see more of Monica's work go here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is my sister Lauren. She is 18. She is unusually hyper. Doctors call it ADHD. She will be coming to visit in one week. I will have her as my slave for over a month. She will sleep in Bubba's room and cater to his every whim. Just kidding. I'm not that cruel. But she is sleeping in his room, and she will have to help out especially when I have my surgery. (yay) But seriously, it will be fun to have another girl to balance out my testosterone filled home.

We can do make-up, paint fingernails and furniture (because that's my latest obsession). We can re-upholster sofa pillows and much, much more. Girl, you're going to work. ;)

P.S. Here's an updated pic of me and Bubba. I haven't been so good about putting pics of him up here, and he is, after all, the main reason I blog.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moved (long sigh of relief)

Yesterday we completed our move. We are in. Anthony had a tournament, so guess who got to help move the couch, boxes, shelves, and appliances? Me, five months with child. I probably took about 50 trips up and down those stairs, which I will not miss, but hey, I'm not even sore today. Thank you Bubba for being exceptionally chubby and stregthening my endurance.

In addition to being downstairs, there are many positives:
  1. Huge kitchen
  2. Two bedrooms
  3. Storage shed
  4. Way nicer neighborhood
  5. Chocolate brown accent walls

What I am not so excited about:

  1. We have bachelors upstairs who party hard. There were about 30+ people trampling above us and bumping gangsta rap until the wee hours.
  2. Even worse, we have bugs. Freaking bugs. I hate bugs. I saw five in the kitchen. And then I cried. Anthony and roll of paper towels soon became my knight in shining armor.

Pictures are to come, once we are settled and Martha Stewart worthy. Which will hopefully be like tomorrow.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blue News

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He looks just like Bubba did only longer. This kid is gonna be tall. He has huge feet. And we have no names picked out. I'm excited to have two little boys. They'll only be one grade apart and they can be best buds and play sports together. I'm also happy to report, I'm further along than the docs originally thought. Turns out I'm due at the end of October instead of mid- November which is what I thought all along. I didn't think I should be this fat already. Now I feel better.

We are moving in two days. Hooray for more space!