Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving (or not) and Bubba and Such.

So, I'm pretty bummed because we are postponing our move. We've decided it would be best to wait one more month, because basketball season will be over, and I will have a husband again.

I can't wait to get out of this apartment! It rained the other night, I woke up, went to get a drink, and noticed a leak in the kitchen and a leak in the dining room. I put some things down to catch the water. The next day Anthony asked why I had a strainer in the floor. A strainer.

On a more positive note, I love Bubba! So, I'm going to brag. Isn't that what we blog for anyway? To brag about our babies/husbands/dogs, and post pictures showing how cute they are?

I love Bubba because:
  • He gives awesome slobbery kisses right on my face when least expected.
  • He helps me with the dishes. It's funny how excited he gets when I open the dishwasher.
  • He cheers the loudest at Daddy's basketball games.

  • He laughs all the time (even in his sleep). Seriously, it's so cute!

  • He actually likes to snuggle, and I love that!

  • He claps when he thinks he's funny.

  • Last but not least, he's chubby. And I like fat babies.

Your Friend and Fellow Blogger,
Text Color

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today We Had Christmas

That's right Christmas, at the end of January. We haven't seen my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Greg since Thanksgiving, which is a serious tragedy because they live like 2 miles away.

I made Aunt Cindy an apron and only messed up like 24,085,230, times. Thank goodness for seam rippers (and Nikki!) Seriously.

Aunt Cindy and I had so much fun playing with Bubba. We had pizza and Bubs got to eat the crust. Oh, he loved that. I think we're pretty lucky because Bubs is such a happy baby. He is so active (which keeps me on my toes) and he is so funny because he thinks the most random things are hilarious. I love that he laughs so much.

Merry Christmas in January! Christmas is so great, we should just have it once a month anyway. Right?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We Are Moving!

Peace out one bedroom apartment, hello two bedroom duplex!

This is cause for a celebration

*This is me celebrating

May not seem like much of an upgrade, but here's what I'm so thrilled about:

  • Washer-dryer hook ups
  • Garage
  • Large, grassy, fenced backyard-- Can you say Barbeque?
  • And Bubba says he's excited to have his own room. Well, he would if he could talk.

New home, new president, new beginnings.

Peace Out President George W. Bush, Hello President Barack Obama!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Anthony in the Paper

Anthony has been working very hard with his Varsity Basketball Team. McNair girls are doing really well this year and were featured in the Record. They have a large quote from the man himself. You can read the article HERE.
I love you, Anthony, and we are proud of all your hard work!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mint Moose Tracks

I don't know why I decided to let my child have ice cream. What was I thinking?


I was thoroughly enjoying mint moosetracks (stolen from Anthony), and I was happily thinking of my life long love affair with ice cream, and I just thought maybe Bubba would like some.

He liked it indeed.

Monday, January 12, 2009

UOP Game

Bubba managed to make Blondie in the back there
fall in love with him 5 minutes into the first half.
That's my boy. Such a flirt.

Anthony and I took Bubba to his first UOP Mens Basketball game on Saturday night.

Do I know who they played? No.

Do I know who won? No.

But I did pay attention to the half time performance. These are the Sacramento Show Biz Kids, and they are amazingly talented. I could not believe that these kids were only four to twelve years old. Seriously. Take a couple minutes to watch this video, and you will be nothing short of impressed.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Bubba as a sumo wrestler

Anthony as Fabio


I'd like to give a personal thank you to Anthony for taking Bubs to practice and giving me freetime to do stuff like this.


I google everything. Seriously, everything. From recipes to fabrics to infant rashes, I've googled it. I should have a degree in Googleology. As I was googling infant high chairs in search of a good find, I see a google suggestion below: Infant High Heels.
Ofcourse, I had to check them out. Apparently, thousands of women are outraged about the production of these high heels. They're causing quite a stir in the blogging community. Some say they are "sexualizing an infant." What the heck? Why do high heels have to be associated with sex? Ridiculous!
I think they are so funny and all in good fun. If Bubba had a sister, you bet she'd be rocking those babies at church on Sunday, just like Mama. I better have a girl someday.

What do you think?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Easily Amused

Amused after bath. (had to get a bOOty shot for blackmail purposes)

Amused in big chair.

Wouldn't life be wonderful if we were all this easily amused?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sew Ambitious

You may or may not know that I'm pretty much obsessed with Project Runway. I have been since the first season aired when I was 16. I would rush home from Mutual every Wednesday night to see the next episode. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer. I have notebooks full of sketches at my parents' house. As soon as I was old enough to hold a crayon, I was drawing people, not just any people...they were scribbly people, but with amazingly detailed clothes. I was four years old and drawing shoe laces, ribbons, bell sleeves, stripes, buttons... I dream of making clothes.

There's just one problem. I am barely learning to sew.

I recently purchased a refurbished machine off of Overstock. It sorta works. I made some stockings just before Christmas. And all day New Years Eve, I worked on my apron. Ahhh...my apron. I'm so happy with it. I think because I didn't think I could do it. My good friend Nikki basically had to walk me through step by step. She's amazing. She cheered me on the whole way. "You just need to have faith in yourself. You're doing a great job!"

I finished feeling like I could make anything.

Oh, my soul, I actually made this.

Delta College has a sewing program. I'm going back to school soon, and my big debate has been whether I should continue studying child development and become a teacher, or whether I should get my Design Apparel and Fashion Merchandising Certificate. My main goal is to be with my children as much as possible. If I taught, I would have their same schedule once they're in school. If I sew, I can make clothes whenever, and sell them. I can start on Etsy. Possibly open a boutique one day? With this economy, are people even buying clothes anymore? Am I being totally unrealistic or could this childhood dream possibly turn into something more?