Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving (or not) and Bubba and Such.

So, I'm pretty bummed because we are postponing our move. We've decided it would be best to wait one more month, because basketball season will be over, and I will have a husband again.

I can't wait to get out of this apartment! It rained the other night, I woke up, went to get a drink, and noticed a leak in the kitchen and a leak in the dining room. I put some things down to catch the water. The next day Anthony asked why I had a strainer in the floor. A strainer.

On a more positive note, I love Bubba! So, I'm going to brag. Isn't that what we blog for anyway? To brag about our babies/husbands/dogs, and post pictures showing how cute they are?

I love Bubba because:
  • He gives awesome slobbery kisses right on my face when least expected.
  • He helps me with the dishes. It's funny how excited he gets when I open the dishwasher.
  • He cheers the loudest at Daddy's basketball games.

  • He laughs all the time (even in his sleep). Seriously, it's so cute!

  • He actually likes to snuggle, and I love that!

  • He claps when he thinks he's funny.

  • Last but not least, he's chubby. And I like fat babies.

Your Friend and Fellow Blogger,
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Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

oh kali... did you put the strainer out to catch the water in? lol.... thats great!

and you do have a great baby to brag about!

Dani said...

i love bubba too! that's so funny about the strainer. i would totally do that:)

Greg and Talena said...

You are so funny putting a strainer out, that is somehting I would do when I am pregnant. lol Yur baby is such a cutie!

Luisa said...

A strainer??? Kali, you are too funny! lol. And, yes, Bubba is definitely someone to brag about! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful baby!!! And, you look great...as always! :)

Amy Ziehl said...

OH Kali! A strainer? Man I love you!

GarciaGirl3 said...

I love how you added dogs in there. lol. Oh, and let me know when Ant's games are. I get off @ 3 now so I can actually go to one with you! I miss you and I miss your little chunky monkey. Love you sister!!!!

Joe and Jana said...

how hot are you and how cute is your baby!??! Long time no see girlfriend! It looks like life is GOOD! Glad I found you :)

Sarah said...

haha...strainer....yea i would totally do that. LOL your family is so cute....i love to read your blog, fellow blogger!! oh, and thanks for being the only comment-leaver on mine lately LOL:)

The Hurst Family said...

Travis and I couldn't be happier about the fact that you have become such a wonderful wife and mother. We wish we were still close to you so that we could see you and meet your beautiful family.