Sunday, May 16, 2010


Church was awesome today, as always. We spent a great portion in the foyer, as always, too. I have a two year old and six month old, you know how it is.

In Relief Society, we talked about the importance of reading our scriptures everyday. I thought about how my study of the scriptures has blessed my life. I have been through some particularly difficult times, and I know that if I had not been studying the scriptures daily, I would not have made it through. We will all have trying times in this life, and if we are making an effort to stay close to Christ, we will have the strength to withstand the winds that come.

When I take the time to read my scriptures, I miraculously have enough time for the other important duties in my life. Even more, I am reminded of my purpose and that helps me to make good choices. I can feel a power in my home when we read and pray as a family. There is joy, peace, and calm amidst the chaos. This is something I want to continue to give my children throughout their lives, and especially a testimony that He lives because that's what the Bible and the Book of Mormon proclaim, that Christ, our Savior lives. I'm so thankful for that testimony and for the many ways my life has been blessed by the study of scripture.

Many times, I have opened up to a verse in the Bible or the Book of Mormon and read exactly what I needed to read at that moment. I have been comforted, strengthened, uplifted, and reminded of who I am and how critical my role is. How thankful I am.

P.S. Don't worry, Anthony's not giving me the stinkeye. That's just how his face looks.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Magnificent Ride

My life long dream of owning a minivan has finally come true. We traded in our 2004 Honda Accord for this awesome 2008 Kia Sedona. I'm sorry if you feel like our family is too cool for your family now. Please, don't be jealous.

People really turn their heads when they see us rolling down the street. It's a little awkward having all this attention now, but I think I can get used to it. We're kind of like celebrities in Stockton now that we are cruising around in such a magnificent ride.

Now if only I had the courage to drive it. In all seriousness guys, I am still not driving! As most of you know, I was in a pretty awful car accident right after I got my permit. I was a passenger, but still. It has scarred me from driving pretty much ever since.

When we first got married Anthony suggested I drive to the grocery store down the street. I drove there with him dictating my every move per my request. I even drove home, then hyperventilated in the driveway. He has never asked me to drive again, but our goal for this summer is to Get Momma Driving. I have two kids. It's time. It's been time.

So, please keep me in your prayers as I get over my fear and get back behind the wheel. Really, though I'm kind of excited to drive a minivan. Soccer moms are hot.

P.S. Here is an x-ray picture of my arm after the previously mentioned car accident. Please, don't be distracted by my underwire

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Harper's Six Months!

Harper David is half a year already. It has gone by way too fast. In just six months, he won't even be a baby any more! Now I understand why some women have like a million kids. The baby stage is here, then you blink, and it's over. Over.

Harper is 27 inches long and 21 lbs. He is one cuddly blob of love. I could snuggle him all day, and he wishes I would. Harper is happiest being held and rocked or bounced. He's very particular. He just barely started freaking out when he can't see me anymore (unless Landon's around). He screams like a banshee until I peak my head in, which I love. It makes me feel important. I am. Duh.

We are co-sleeping, which I also love because it's the only way I can get some shut-eye. He just started eating rice cereal last week. He eats like a pro which is such a relief because Landon didn't want anything but the boob for nine months. What a relief.

Harper is super smiley, go with the flow. He is Landon's biggest fan! He thinks Landon is way funnier than me, which kind of hurts my ego, but whatev.

Anyway, Happy Six Months, Harper Boy! I'm so happy your mine!