Sunday, May 31, 2009

11 days

The first day, he was scared of the slide. Now I'm scared of the slide because he tries to jump down it by himself.

Life is good. Enjoying one-on-one time with Bubba before the new baby arrives. This pregnancy is already going by so fast. Had to go to H&M yesterday and get maternity clothes because my old jeans just aren't doing the job anymore. We find out in 11 days what we're having. I think it's another boy. We'll be thrilled either way. Oh, and in 13 days we move. The next couple weeks are gonna be great.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I love my son! Seriously, he is basically my favorite ever. Here's why:

  • He has entire conversations on our cells and even calls and texts our friends. (if you get a call, don't get mad, feel privileged).
  • He calls a phone, "dohne".
  • He calls a cracker, "crack".
  • He eats his vegetables.
  • He is nice to his friends, giving hugs and kisses in abundance.

In fact, at church today he kissed his friend Ethan who promptly yelled, "Mom, help!" She said, "He's trying to give you a kiss, Ethan."

Ethan replied, "With his tongue!"

Bubba has not quite mastered how to kiss yet with tongue in mouth. Sorry, friends. We're working on it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're Moving!

After months of searching for the perfect place, we finally found it! It's almost twice the size of our current residence and in a much nicer neighborhood. Okay, so it's totally not this house. It's a 2 bedroom apartment, but it is sooo much better than a one bedroom apartment, right?

We'll be upgrading from 560 square feet to 950 square feet, which means we can move Landon's toys out of the diningroom and get a table! This also means Landon can sleep in a separate bedroom and Anthony and I will have some privacy.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


I know we're a little old. Okay, Anthony's a lot old, but we went to prom last weekend. Anthony was working security and invited me to join him. I got a dress to accomodate my growing belly, and handed the baby off to Samantha. Oddly enough, I was one of three pregnant girls at prom.

My favorite part of the prom was seeing all the girls fun dresses, hair, make-up, jewelry, etc. Titi's outfit was definitely my favorite! Tell me this is not the cutest prom get up you have ever seen!