Thursday, December 29, 2011

life lately, according to my iphone

Wow, it's been a long time. Starting with Halloween-
Harper was Clark Kent. Landon was Batman. And I was Spidermom. We went to trunk or treat at church, then to see Grandma Ruth at work, then Aunt Cindy at her fun house.
We played with this handsome, dude Jeremiah aka Harper's birthday twin.
Harper had a birthday party and scored this cool wolf hat from his girlfriends. ;)
The boys went mini golfing for the first time and loved it.

"Polar Bear" the elf came and went.
 He ever-so diligently kept watch on the boys and had some fun, too.
Landon's been waking up and asking for some pretty fancy breakfasts.
He's not accepting my usual offers of cereal and toast,
so I've had to get all June Cleaver-like and throw down some mickey mouse pancakes,
 breakfast burritos, strawberry covered waffles, and pepper jack scrambled eggs.
I'm not gonna lie, I was getting kind of sick of cereal too.
Here the munchkins feel asleep on the way to the gym one evening. It was only 6:00.
 You may not know they don't take naps anymore. It's been MONTHS and I hate it.
We've started potty training, or not.
The only thing that's gone in the potty so far is half a roll of toilet paper.
One of three yarn wreaths I made this season.
They actually take a lot longer than I expected, but they're fun.
I spend a lot of time loving on this little man.
He's the perfect soft, chubby snuggler. I hope that doesn't change anytime soon.
Brothers watching a little too much Mickey Mouse House on Youtube,
but Anthony's in San Diego for the week, and sometimes mommas just need a break.
This is my emo hat and sad face for Anthony going to San Diego for the week without me.
Just be glad I'm not posting Farrah's Ugly Cry Face.
Okay, I'm posting.
And Kim Kardashian's.
It's just funny.
Poor things, they've had hard lives.