Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As I pushed my cart through the candy aisle the other day, I mistakenly veered a little too close to the shelf. Landon quickly grabbed a Butterfinger, and held it up high, yelling, "I caught it, Mommy! I caught it!"

Another time, he grabbed a box of fruit snacks off the shelf, and tossed it into the cart, saying, "I helping Mommy."

I LOVE my boys! I also love sweets. Here's a few shots of us in the kitchen this morning, where I got to enjoy both. :)
These cookies are to die for.
My baby!
(these may have been intended for stocking stuffers... Oops)
Sticky fingers
Sweet, pudgy feet.
And, we can't forget about "Frosty" the fridge.
Thanks to Sarah F. for the idea!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's on Kali's Phone

Jessica aka "The Hussy" (she's pretty much famous) does this thing on her family blog where she uploads pictures from her phone every Tuesday, and invites her readers to do the same and link in. Jessica's like the popular girl in the blogging community that everyone wants to be friends with. She is absolutely hilarious, gorgeous, and has five kids. Crazy. I think the closest I'm going to get is that I'm friends with Mica Martin and Ira Heinzen. I still haven't figured out how they're related to Jessica, but anyway...

Harper in distress after wrapping himself in Christmas decorations.
My little munchkins at Costco.
People keep asking me if they're twins. They're 18 months apart, folks.
Landon asked me to draw a picture of him and Harper.
I scribbled this on a piece of nearby mail, and actually thought it turned out pretty dang good.
I found a website that you can use to try on celebrity styles, and then texted this to Anthony. I didn't realize he would think I had actually dyed my hair. Needless to say, he was very disappointed when he got home to find I was still boring brunette. Poor guy.
When I say Landon hardly stops moving, I mean it.
This is the closest I could get to an individual snapshot.
Smooching the manchild. He just loves when I do that.
Ladies can't resist him. Sorry, Kitkat. He's mine.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm on the computer editing some photos, and I turn to see a lifeless looking foot peaking out from under a throw blanket. I immediately recognized it as Landon's, and thought, "Why isn't he moving? Is he okay?!"

Then I saw it.

Me: Landon! Do you have my makeup?

Landon: Yeah.

Me: Okay, get out from under the blanket.

Landon: I playing hide and seek with makeup.

This kid LOVES to play with makeup (or anything potentially messy). He sneaks my beauty bag whenever he gets a chance and paints his body, the carpet, the wall, or Harper with my mac shadows, eyeliners, MASCARA, and whatever else he can get his hands on. Oh, my son.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Walmart Babies

I heard that babies who run around in their diapers are called Walmart babies. These pictures were taken right after bath, so I'll have you know, they are usually like, Ralph Lauren babies. You could even call them Gucci babies if you wanted to.

Most of the time when we are home, Landon wears underpants. But lately, he has been freaking out every time I've tried to put them on him! He says, "I wanna wear diaper like Harper."

I was like, okay, here's a diaper. I pick and choose my battles with this kid.

Well, I got smart and decided to put underpants over Harper's diaper, and now Landon is back to wearing underwear. Ha.

They crack me up.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Cheer

Jana did this on her blog, and I pretty much died laughing. Maybe because I have the sense of humor of a 5 year old, and just cannot handle how hilarious it is to see Anthony with a woman's body. Landon thinks it's pretty funny, too. Now, I want to see yours!

Gangsta Matthews:

Surfing Matthews:

Saved the best for last, Country Matthews (because we all know how much Anthony loves country...not)