Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Walmart Babies

I heard that babies who run around in their diapers are called Walmart babies. These pictures were taken right after bath, so I'll have you know, they are usually like, Ralph Lauren babies. You could even call them Gucci babies if you wanted to.

Most of the time when we are home, Landon wears underpants. But lately, he has been freaking out every time I've tried to put them on him! He says, "I wanna wear diaper like Harper."

I was like, okay, here's a diaper. I pick and choose my battles with this kid.

Well, I got smart and decided to put underpants over Harper's diaper, and now Landon is back to wearing underwear. Ha.

They crack me up.


Amy and David Ziehl said...

Smart move mama!! Your boys are so cute!

Jana said...

hahaha. clever mama :) love me some up & up diapers. i only wish they came in white so the blue polka dots didn't show through lily's leggings

Samantha Nicole said...


Sarah said...

haha they are so cute. I love how they are Walmart babies but they are wearing Target diapers. Lol. :)