Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As I pushed my cart through the candy aisle the other day, I mistakenly veered a little too close to the shelf. Landon quickly grabbed a Butterfinger, and held it up high, yelling, "I caught it, Mommy! I caught it!"

Another time, he grabbed a box of fruit snacks off the shelf, and tossed it into the cart, saying, "I helping Mommy."

I LOVE my boys! I also love sweets. Here's a few shots of us in the kitchen this morning, where I got to enjoy both. :)
These cookies are to die for.
My baby!
(these may have been intended for stocking stuffers... Oops)
Sticky fingers
Sweet, pudgy feet.
And, we can't forget about "Frosty" the fridge.
Thanks to Sarah F. for the idea!


Amy and David Ziehl said...

Those cookies look yummy just like your babies! And Frosty the fridge?! SO cute! I would totally do it but our fridge is a mustard yellow. :/ I don't think that would be as cute as yours! :]

Mommy Madness said...

I'm a snowman collector/fanatic so I LOVE your fridge decoration... I wish mine wasn't black so I could copy your idea.

Sarah said...

Yup I knew it! your frosty is cuter than mine! lol. I am drooling over those cookies too. Merry Chistmas you guys!!!! love you and miss you so much!!

Angélica said...

OMG I drooled over those cookies!! Lovely boys! God Bless your family...

although I don't share the Frosty tradition since I'm from PR we don't actually see snow and have a frosty men in the yard. The Frosty was really cute ^_^

Happy New Year!

Samantha Nicole said...


Jenifer said...

I LOVE the fridge. Great idea