Monday, January 31, 2011


Just want you to know, I'm so domestic. I'm cradling a giant bowl of homemade guacamole in my lap and stuffing covered chip after chip into my grateful mouth. I love food.
Too much.
That's why it's been my goal year after year after year to run a half marathon. I've been pregnant for pretty much the last 3 years, so that's of kind of gotten in the way of things. But if I want to keep eating like I do, I better get running.
I talked to my personal trainer friend and she said she'd give me a 12 week training plan for Beginners. But guess what.
I'm not even a Beginner. I'm like a pre-beginner. I have to start running four miles a day before I can even start the Beginner Training Schedule.
But I'm ready,
because I want to go from this:
Belly Fat Pictures, Images and Photos
To this:
how to get a flat stomach and ripped abs Pictures, Images and Photos
I've been very diligent about doing my pre-workout stretches.
Then I put on my ipod and start to get pumped.
I run, and it feels pretty good. 
I even pump up the speed a few notches. 
I run faster and faster and faster 
and then
I feel like I'm gonna pass out.
My stomach hurts, the room seems to spin, I envision my body flinging off the treadmill, and slamming against the wall behind me.
I start to look like this:
dang, I'm hot.
Then comes my favorite part:
Post workout stretches! 
Do I look lethargic, or what?

I hope I can keep this up.
In the mean time, what are you favorite workout songs? I'm still on a search for the best of the best motivational music. I neeeeeed it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sloshy Bellies and More

Landon was jumping on my bed tonight, stopped suddenly with wide eyes and asked, "What's that sound?"

I said it's the sloshing of juice in your tummy.

"Milk", he corrected me.

He's been jumping around the house ever since. It's cracking me up because I can hear his pudgy belly sloshing from the other side of the room.
I took this photo right after he asked to watch a movie. I said no, and this is the look he gave me. 
He looks pure evil. 
In fact, this picture totally creeped Anthony out.

P.S. I just overheard him trying to get his fruit snacks out of the bag. He said kindly,"Come heeeere, little guys." Nice to know he makes friends with his fruit snacks before eating them.

Sometimes, I really don't know what to think of this kid. But I love him more than life.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{ tribute to adam }

My dear cousin, Adam Hamel was ejected from his car early Sunday morning, and found 50 feet from his vehicle several hours later, with serious head trauma. He wasn't breathing, but they were able to bring him back for a short time through life support. Unfortunately, his brain did not stay active.

He passed away at 11:45 a.m. today.
Adam was my oldest cousin on my mom's side. I looked up to him so much. He was intelligent, witty, and oh, so cool. He was a very talented musician. Adam spent hours composing music, making beats, with lyrics as deep and insightful as he was.

Because I knew how much he loved music, one year I bought him a toy microphone from the dollar store. Over a year later, I saw it pinned to his wall, still in the case. He appreciated the little things.

I remember playing Sorry with Adam and my sister, Samantha. Adam was so positive, so I handed him the yellow game piece and said, "You take yellow, because you're bright like the sun." He took the piece and laughed. Probably because I'm such a nerd. But he left a note on my door later telling me how much he appreciated that. I was grateful, because I meant it.

As kids, we were riding in the car from a camping trip. No Mercy's "Where Do You Go" came on. Adam sang along, "Where do you go, oh, oh, oh, my ugly, where do you go? Where do you go, oh, oh, oh my ugly, where do you goooo?" I laughed and laughed. This just verified the fact that I did have the funniest, coolest cousin ever. I still cannot listen to the song without singing along to Adam's version.

My thoughts and prayers are with my Aunt Cindy, Uncle Dave, and cousin Nate, Adam's only brother. They were really close in age, just like my boys. My heart is filled with grief for them.

Adam will be missed tremendously.
Love you Adam. Until we meet again.

For Adam.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{ link-it-up tuesday }

Time to head over to the Hussy's blog, upload those phone pics, and linkup!
I've been encouraging Landon's independence,
so along with potty training,
I've let him pick out his own outfits lately.
I guess I need to explain that pajamas are not considered day wear.
He does seem to have quite an adventurous sense of fashion though.
He must get it from his momma (pictured below).
I was kind enough to dress my little sister, ever so modestly.
That obviously was not for me.
Doesn't Harper just have the cutest little cry face?
Here it is again!
My 94 pound older sister came to visit,
and suggested I go on a diet to "firm up".
I picked up this magazine with every intention of following her counsel.
Then I saw that Nestle Tollhouse partnered up with Dryer's ice cream.
I ate the entire carton in less than 24 hrs.
It was awesome.
I pledge my undying love for my husband right on the side of our minivan.
"Is that gonna come off?"
Um... I love you, too would be a nice response as well, babe.
Here I am glammed up for a night on the town.
Do I look evil, or what?
Aunt Cindy gave me these Puppet Animal tats to entertain the kiddos.
I didn't realize so many people would think it was a real tattoo.
I felt super cool and hardcore for one night of my life.
This guy liked it, too. :)
I killed this sucker. And I'm pretty dang proud of it.
I guess I am pretty hardcore.
Husband and I walked into Safeway, and saw these peculiar looking balloons.
They're supposed to be pistachios.

Monday, January 17, 2011

{ real life }

In preparing to become a mother, there are some things you just can't plan for. You will be pooped on. You will be vomited on. You will scrub barf out of the carpet for hours, and somehow the smell will still linger. You will be vomited on again. Then you will do it, too.

Oh, the last 2 days have been hard. But aren't these crazy munchkins the cutest?

They really do make it all so worth it.

And if you haven't read this article yet, I suggest you check it out. It's written by a young, feminist atheist who's addicted to Mormon Mommy Blogs. Gotta love that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Silly Landon

Landon has been cracking me up all day today, so I need to journal it in.

He was jumping into piles of laundry (freshly folded...ugh!). But he was jumping and saying, "I'm so happy! I'm so happy!" over and over. Who would I be to take that from him? Yes, an evil ogre.

Then, as we were getting ready to go to Daddy's basketball game, he went to pick out shoes for himself and shoes for Harper. In the process, he found newborn shoes and said, "Look, Mommy. Tiny baby shoes. I wanna put shoes on a little baby." I said, "Oh, well, we don't have a little baby anymore." Out of curiosity, I asked, "Do you want another baby?"

"Yes!" he said.

"Would you want a brother or sister?" I asked.

"A sister." he said firmly.

"A boy or a girl?" I tested him.



Then we were saying family prayer and Harper happened to unfold his arms. Landon screamed, "Harper. Noooo! We're saying a prayer!"
Way to keep it reverent.

We got Landon the huge Buzz Lightyear on Saturday. It's a "thinking toy", so he interacts when you speak to him. It's hilarious because Landon totally thinks he's alive. He'll keep a ten minute conversation going with him, and even tells me to be quiet when Buzz is "sleeping".

This is getting long winded, but on Oprah today, there was a family who lost all three of their children, ages 5, 4, and 2 in a car accident. It really made me think. A car almost hit us yesterday. I am so thankful that it didn't, but realize that our lives can change in an instant. I am so thankful for my boys. I'm thankful that I'm home with them, and even though it can be so hard and so exhausting, I get to be here for all the cute things they say, and the funny things they do. I can pick them up and snuggle or smooch them, wipe their tears when they're hurt, stay in my pj's and play catch for half the morning, just because. I love them so much. Yes, even when they're tossing my folded laundry around... gotta go!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

These people came to visit- Dad and Grant from So. Cal, and my sister, Samantha from Florida.
We went to see the Christmas lights. Landon's favorite was the train, of course.
Anthony, so sweetly, personalizes the labels on my packages (it's tradition).
My kid is a stud. Just sayin'.
Hope your Christmas was merry and bright! Our's sure was. :)