Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{ link-it-up tuesday }

Time to head over to the Hussy's blog, upload those phone pics, and linkup!
I've been encouraging Landon's independence,
so along with potty training,
I've let him pick out his own outfits lately.
I guess I need to explain that pajamas are not considered day wear.
He does seem to have quite an adventurous sense of fashion though.
He must get it from his momma (pictured below).
I was kind enough to dress my little sister, ever so modestly.
That obviously was not for me.
Doesn't Harper just have the cutest little cry face?
Here it is again!
My 94 pound older sister came to visit,
and suggested I go on a diet to "firm up".
I picked up this magazine with every intention of following her counsel.
Then I saw that Nestle Tollhouse partnered up with Dryer's ice cream.
I ate the entire carton in less than 24 hrs.
It was awesome.
I pledge my undying love for my husband right on the side of our minivan.
"Is that gonna come off?"
Um... I love you, too would be a nice response as well, babe.
Here I am glammed up for a night on the town.
Do I look evil, or what?
Aunt Cindy gave me these Puppet Animal tats to entertain the kiddos.
I didn't realize so many people would think it was a real tattoo.
I felt super cool and hardcore for one night of my life.
This guy liked it, too. :)
I killed this sucker. And I'm pretty dang proud of it.
I guess I am pretty hardcore.
Husband and I walked into Safeway, and saw these peculiar looking balloons.
They're supposed to be pistachios.


Valinda said...

LOL I miss Safeway, we don't have them here. I love those hand Tats you are hardcore!

Lindsey said...

you are hardercore than I am ;) lol...i don't know if i coulda killed it. And I LOVE your header pic! ADORABLE :)

Kristi said...

You look like Ellen Page in your glammed up pic. I love Ellen Page, I think she's lovely. Your animal tat was totally hardcore. I'm intimidated for sure. Love your little guy's sense of fashion. I want to wear MY pj's as daywear!

Brandi said...

lovin your kids outfits lol

Casey said...

Loving the independence, I tried that with our little boy and he would prefer just leaving the house naked, No JOKE! he loves being naked. ha ha
love your blog! and thanks for visiting mine! looking forward to getting to know you through your blog!

The WholeFamDamily said...

you looked hot on your night out! work it!!
um, i'm a cheater. i always try to do a cleanse or diet and i cheat like by the end of the day. i suck. ;D
i LOVED the pic of you younger with your sister you so kindly dressed up too. i literally LOL'd. ha!

ailinh harris said...

What a fun post. You just got me smiling throughout all those neat pictures. And lovin your faux tattoo. Girl, you so baddo!

Estell said...

I love your header pic! Its so cute! and the little outfits! sooo cute!

julielollar said...

I'm all about letting my girls dress the way they want! Your out on the town pic is adorable. What is up with those balloons?! Major FAIL!

Amber said...

Evil is not the word for that pic, you look gorgeous!! And your son is sooooooo sooooo cute!!!!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

i want a pistachio balloon. i never get to see those.

and the hand puppet? okay that's kinda creepy. what is it? a tiger? or a shrimp? i'm confused.

Angela said...

Ok, so you are totally gorgeous... have I told you that already?
Ang xxx

Samantha Nicole said...

I do not weigh 94 pounds! lol