Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{ tribute to adam }

My dear cousin, Adam Hamel was ejected from his car early Sunday morning, and found 50 feet from his vehicle several hours later, with serious head trauma. He wasn't breathing, but they were able to bring him back for a short time through life support. Unfortunately, his brain did not stay active.

He passed away at 11:45 a.m. today.
Adam was my oldest cousin on my mom's side. I looked up to him so much. He was intelligent, witty, and oh, so cool. He was a very talented musician. Adam spent hours composing music, making beats, with lyrics as deep and insightful as he was.

Because I knew how much he loved music, one year I bought him a toy microphone from the dollar store. Over a year later, I saw it pinned to his wall, still in the case. He appreciated the little things.

I remember playing Sorry with Adam and my sister, Samantha. Adam was so positive, so I handed him the yellow game piece and said, "You take yellow, because you're bright like the sun." He took the piece and laughed. Probably because I'm such a nerd. But he left a note on my door later telling me how much he appreciated that. I was grateful, because I meant it.

As kids, we were riding in the car from a camping trip. No Mercy's "Where Do You Go" came on. Adam sang along, "Where do you go, oh, oh, oh, my ugly, where do you go? Where do you go, oh, oh, oh my ugly, where do you goooo?" I laughed and laughed. This just verified the fact that I did have the funniest, coolest cousin ever. I still cannot listen to the song without singing along to Adam's version.

My thoughts and prayers are with my Aunt Cindy, Uncle Dave, and cousin Nate, Adam's only brother. They were really close in age, just like my boys. My heart is filled with grief for them.

Adam will be missed tremendously.
Love you Adam. Until we meet again.

For Adam.


Samantha Nicole said...

I still sing that version of that song

Jenifer said...

so sorry for your loss :(

Casey said...

I pray for you and your family's peace during this time Kali. You are in my thoughts & prayers!

Pull Up A Chair said...

I was using the "next blog" button and came upon your tragic story of loss. I read you heartfelt tribute to your sweet cousin. I am sorry for your loss and wish you well.


Candace said...

Oh wow, I had to click your link and come read this and now I'm covered in goosebumps. I'm so sorry for your family's loss. I can't imagine how painful it would be to lose a child.