Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today We Had Christmas

That's right Christmas, at the end of January. We haven't seen my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Greg since Thanksgiving, which is a serious tragedy because they live like 2 miles away.

I made Aunt Cindy an apron and only messed up like 24,085,230, times. Thank goodness for seam rippers (and Nikki!) Seriously.

Aunt Cindy and I had so much fun playing with Bubba. We had pizza and Bubs got to eat the crust. Oh, he loved that. I think we're pretty lucky because Bubs is such a happy baby. He is so active (which keeps me on my toes) and he is so funny because he thinks the most random things are hilarious. I love that he laughs so much.

Merry Christmas in January! Christmas is so great, we should just have it once a month anyway. Right?


Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

very cute apron! you are very lucky you got such a happy baby!

The Hurst Family said...

Is your Aunt, your mom's twin? If not, wow, they look exactly alike. I love those aprons! I want one! Kudos to the designer ;)

Luisa said...

I love the apron, too, and I also want one for myself and to gift to people! Seriously. You are talented! miss yah!