Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We Are Moving!

Peace out one bedroom apartment, hello two bedroom duplex!

This is cause for a celebration

*This is me celebrating

May not seem like much of an upgrade, but here's what I'm so thrilled about:

  • Washer-dryer hook ups
  • Garage
  • Large, grassy, fenced backyard-- Can you say Barbeque?
  • And Bubba says he's excited to have his own room. Well, he would if he could talk.

New home, new president, new beginnings.

Peace Out President George W. Bush, Hello President Barack Obama!


Dana said...

Where is it? And Sue says she's going to be mighty upset if she doesn't see Bubba before his birthday. Well, actually, she said Landon, but... you know.

Luisa said...

That's awesome and very exciting! Can't wait to see the pics! Are you gonna be moving from your current ward?

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

yay!! tow bedrooms is nice when you have a baby! i was so glad when Jaiden finally started sleeping in his own room and own crib! are you going to paint and decorate it all cute? we cant paint at our apartments so we just painted letter and put them up on the wall... so he atleast knows its "Jaiden" room

kira kristine said...

Yay, moving is exciting! And Landon getting his own room, that will be nice. It was such a relief when I could finally move Jackson into his own room. I got more sleep (although it is still minimal) and had more room to actually unpack my things. Good luck with the move!

Dani said...

that is so exciting!

Dani said...

I love my camera but I actually used a program to make the Polaroid pics. When do you move?