Sunday, February 8, 2009

All Apologies

Breaking News-- Bubba has a new tooth which makes #3. All on the bottom. Weird. And he stands now. It is so cute. He stands, smiles, and waves his arms thinking he is the coolest thing ever. Then he falls.
All apologies for not updating my blog for 3,270,582,430 years. Unfortunately, we do not have the internet. We'll have it again after the move, which will hopefully be soon.

So, what has the Matthews Family been up to?
Anthony's team is doing well. They are playing hard and I'm thinking they'll make the playoffs.
Bubba and I found out last Friday we are anemic. Don't worry, we're taking iron supplements and I'm stuffing that boy full of fortified food. And I'm eating red meat again (gross).
Life is good. I can't wait to move. And I miss reading your blogs! All will be back to normal soon enough.
Your Friend and Fellow Blogger,

P.S. Isn't Bubba's face awesome here?


Sarah said...

Yes, his face is awesome! I love the glasses too.....he is so so so cute! I'm glad the Matthews family is doing good....we miss you guys!!!!!!!! Oh, and i'm sorry but i think i have already won the prize for not updating blogs quick enough LOL :)

Lindsey Erickson said...

Hi Kali! I enjoyed reading your blog. Hope he's all better now! That is the worst when they're sick. I had no idea Samantha had moved. Anyways..take care!