Monday, February 16, 2009

Greetings From Florida

That's right. I'm in the marvelous and enchanted land of Florida right now. Breezy beaches, sweet sunsets, flip flops, palm trees, and sun screen slathered babies.

Aunt Karen called me back in December with the wild idea. She flew Bubba and I out for Samantha's birthday. You all know how I am with surprises; I can't keep my mouth shut, but I did it! Samantha actually had no idea, and it ended up being a really cool genuine surprise. Her face was priceless, and she hasn't let that baby go since.

It's hard when family is so far away. I think I might just have to convince Anthony to move down here. Who wouldn't want to live Clearwater, Florida?

Oh, and here's a picture of me and Samantha when we were babies. Now you know where Bubba got his awesome physique.


Sarah said...

Total Estimated Time: 15 hours 22 minutes
Total Estimated Distance: 939.79 miles


Amy Ziehl said...

AHAHA! At least he's solid!

Sheldon said...

Miss you guys! I can't wait till you come home! It looks like you're having a great trip. How was the flight?...

Dione said...

How fun! Enjoy Florida for us all! Your baby is seriously getting cuter and cuter!!