Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is my sister Lauren. She is 18. She is unusually hyper. Doctors call it ADHD. She will be coming to visit in one week. I will have her as my slave for over a month. She will sleep in Bubba's room and cater to his every whim. Just kidding. I'm not that cruel. But she is sleeping in his room, and she will have to help out especially when I have my surgery. (yay) But seriously, it will be fun to have another girl to balance out my testosterone filled home.

We can do make-up, paint fingernails and furniture (because that's my latest obsession). We can re-upholster sofa pillows and much, much more. Girl, you're going to work. ;)

P.S. Here's an updated pic of me and Bubba. I haven't been so good about putting pics of him up here, and he is, after all, the main reason I blog.


Amy Ziehl said...

Holy Cow has she (and he) grown! Dang! Have fun with your sista! I love it when mine come to "play"!

Greg and Talena said...

I can not believe how much Lauren has changed! How is your family doing by the way? Have fun and good luck with your gall bladder surgery, you will need help so definitley take advantage of Lauren while she is there lol.