Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moved (long sigh of relief)

Yesterday we completed our move. We are in. Anthony had a tournament, so guess who got to help move the couch, boxes, shelves, and appliances? Me, five months with child. I probably took about 50 trips up and down those stairs, which I will not miss, but hey, I'm not even sore today. Thank you Bubba for being exceptionally chubby and stregthening my endurance.

In addition to being downstairs, there are many positives:
  1. Huge kitchen
  2. Two bedrooms
  3. Storage shed
  4. Way nicer neighborhood
  5. Chocolate brown accent walls

What I am not so excited about:

  1. We have bachelors upstairs who party hard. There were about 30+ people trampling above us and bumping gangsta rap until the wee hours.
  2. Even worse, we have bugs. Freaking bugs. I hate bugs. I saw five in the kitchen. And then I cried. Anthony and roll of paper towels soon became my knight in shining armor.

Pictures are to come, once we are settled and Martha Stewart worthy. Which will hopefully be like tomorrow.


Amy Ziehl said...

YAY!! Congrats on the big move! I know how you feel about loud neighbors! Our land lord lives above us and has parties all the time! :/ And I am with you on the bugs. I hate bugs!!!

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

yeah! bottom floor is nice when you have two young ones... but I would hate having people making noise all night... it would piss me off if they woke up Jaiden! but we have bugs too! centipedes (sp?)... so gross!

Luisa said...

I can't believe you moved all that by your preggo self! Well, congrats on the move! Good luck with getting settled in...hopefully the bugs won't. And, more heavy lifting!

Dana said...

Kali, you're amazing! And I miss you, and we totally need to check out each other's new places. Do you realize that I never even visited the last apartment? Sad!!
P.S. Guess who FINALLY updated her blog...

Harbour Family said...

Hey bomb the house! Jake and i are going to be doing that this weekend. Ill let you know how it goes. But jake promises it works