Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tomorrow He Will Be One.

One year ago today, I went to a routine doctor's appointment three weeks prior to my due date. I happily found out at this appointment that I was 5 cm dilated. That night, we went shopping, had dinner, and enjoyed our last night as a childless couple.

The following night our beautiful boy was born. It was the hardest happiest day of my life. It was the day that everything changed.

I became a mother.

Last night I held Bubba in my arms after he fell asleep on me. For over an hour I just held him and thought about how thankful I am for him. I stared at him and I cried. I thought about how this year has been the happiest of my life. I have never felt more fulfilled.

I am so thankful that Heavenly Father sent me this beautiful child to love, to nurture, and to teach. He brings me more joy than I ever could've imagined. I am so impressed with him, so amazed. I forget that he actually came from my body. It's humbling. The love I feel for him is overwhelming. I sometimes wonder how Heavenly Father could love even me, and He quickly reminds me of the love I have for Landon, and it gives me just glimpse of what He feels for all His children. Parenthood is divine. How blessed we are.

Happy Birthday, Landon James. I love you.


Sarah said...

Great now I'm crying. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Landon AND KALI!!!!!!!!! (And over here it actually has been your b-day for about 29 minutes LOL :)

Dani said...

i just choked up reading that! you forgot to mention that it's your birthday too!!! you're finally legal! woo-hoo:) see you tomorrow:)

happy birthday to both of you:)

Eloy and Andrea said...

AW.... Happy Birthday to my sister and my Bubba! I love you 2. :)

Eloy, Drea, and Baby Garcia :)

Greg and Talena said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!

Luisa said...

What a beautiful post, Kali! Happy Birthday to you and Bubba! Love u both.

Thanks for the phone call. You are such a sweet friend!

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

Happy Birthday Little one! and Happy birthday Kali! It is great being a mom, sometimes I feel I could love Jaiden more, but what gets me is when he shows how much he loves me! it makes me tear up when he gives me a tight unexpected hug and kisses!


Travis and Kristy said...

They grow up too fast! BTW...Our blog is going private, send me your email at so that we can make sure you can still view our blog. =) The Hurst Family