Friday, April 30, 2010

Terrible Twos

Landon says his pleases and thank yous, sits still for story time, eats his fruits and veggies, puts his toys away, plays well with his friends, gives hugs and kisses upon demand, and is so helpful with his brother.

Landon just turned two. My perfect child is now...throwing tantrums? having meltdowns? hitting things? screaming in public?

Oh, boy are we in for a ride, but despite the countless redirections and timeouts, I love him beyond words. I love his hugs, I love his smacking kisses, I love his chocolate covered chubby cheeks, and stinky feet. I love that he can entertain himself with a ball for hours. I love that he really truly is such a good big brother.

As you know, Landon brings a ball every where we go. Each time it is a different ball, but lately he has been grabbing one for himself and placing one on top of Harper in the carseat. When Harper cries from the bedroom, Landon runs to me and says, "Baby, wake-up!" He also tells me when to feed him "mac", milk.

I'm so thankful the Lord, in his infinite wisdom, sent him to our family. I hope I can give him just what he needs. I hope to raise him well, to teach him, to protect him. I hope he will know just how special he is, and how great he can become. And most of all, right now, I hope to get through the terrible, terrible twos.


Amy and David Ziehl said...

I must say that you and your hubby make cute kids!.. and cupcakes!!!

Dione said...

Those cupcakes are the cutest things, I love them!!

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

AWWW I think he is so freakin cute! I love the cup cakes too! you are so creative! where did you get that idea?

Annie Macias said...

I sure miss that boy! He is cuter than ever and I can't even imagine him being a terrible 2! This post is so sweet! You could write for a magazine Kali! For real!