Friday, May 6, 2011

terrible twos x2

This little boy has it in for me.
My "sweet" and "mellow" Harper is now 18 months,
 and I fear he's hitting the terrible twos a bit early.
I'm sad.
But hopeful...
since Landon turned three a few weeks ago, maybe he'll be out of the terrible twos now.
Oh, and this is him eating a booger. 
Quit gagging,
you know you ate yours, too.


Samantha Nicole said...

Awe my little men! Getting so old.

Tiffany said...

Sydney is 19 months now and let me tell you that the terrible twos are definitely here!!!

Kat G. said...

Hahahahaha~ I love the boogar pic. After 3 boys it deosn't phase me. My little princess always asks for a tissue and completely grosses out when she sees her brothers basking in their spoils....hahaha! Oh dear....just a battle that feels too small to fight. You are a great mom Kali.....when are you going to come over already?!

Cruz Crew said...

Oh man, I wish the terrible twos were confined to the age 'two'. Jacob still has it and he's four!