Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome Fall

I am so excited for Fall this year! Baking everything pumpkin, wearing boots, scarves, and comfy sweaters, watching General conference, fall photo shoots with all the beautiful color changes, Harper's 4th birthday, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. It's going to be a fun, busy season. 

We kicked Fall off in the Matthews household making some delicious chocolate chip pumpkin oatmeal cookies. We actually made them for our Young Women personal progress planning night. I was recently called as YW's president in my ward. I'm still in shock, but it's been really fun. 

Harper and I went to Elk Grove's Fall Festival yesterday with some good friends. It was so nice to have some one on one time with Harper and he had so much fun. Harper is the biggest animal lover I know, so he was in Heaven at the petting zoo. I just love this sweet, gentle boy so much.

 There was a really interesting performance by a San Francisco based theater group. Harper was fascinated. We got to mingle with the performers afterwards and overall, it was a pretty fun day. I already had a very good impression of Elk Grove. It's super family oriented, which is way different from Stockton. We have thought about possibly moving there at some point.


Alexandria said...

Looks like so much fun!

Kristen and Andrew said...

YAY for Kali blogging!! PLEASE don't stop. Your pictures are GORGEOUS- are you a professional photographer? ;) I love fall too!!

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