Friday, October 16, 2009


{bubba in the nicu}
I found out at my appointment today that I have not made any progress this week. Despite daily (sometimes hourly) contractions, I am still 3 cm. Amazing.

Once again, I am glad that baby has stayed in this long, and it is looking like he will make it to term. It's been kind of an emotional whirlwind wondering when he's going to come, and I'm starting to feel like I can finally relax. Although the end of pregnancy can be extremely uncomfortable, I'm so thrilled that the chances of him spending time in the NICU are slim.

I am grateful to have a Heavenly Father who loves us and listens to our prayers. Sometimes it takes a trial of sorts to bring us to our knees and remind us of where are blessings come from. I hope that even in times of good, I can remember to pray always. My greatest desire is to maintain a close relationship with my Father in Heaven; to have His spirit with me and recieve the guidance that we all need so much. I am humbled and grateful for all the blessings we have recieved from His hands. Through prayer I have been given peace.

{this oh-so-lovely picture of me demonstrates what a contraction feels like}
I'll be praying a lot during those.


The Rawlins Fam said...

You are such a sweetie, and such a good mom! I know first hand some of the experiences you have had to endure. Nothing feels more rewarding than making it full term after pre-term labor prevention. Getting close to full term is such an overwhelming wonderful feeling and blessing! I had no idea Bubba was in the nicu? For how long? Amy was in and out for months. But Lydia had no comps. at all!!! I believe all babies are miracles and blessings... and soon your lil' miracle will be in your arms! Yay, baby!!!

The Rawlins Fam said...

p.s. we'll say a lil' prayer for you!!!

Annie Macias said...

This post is so sweet! I am so glad that little guy has stay put! I almost had a heart-attack when I first saw your post though cuz I thought the pic of Landon was baby #2 and that you'd already had him and I'd missed it!