Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Sweet Crazy Boys

At times I struggle with the day to day grime of being a mom; the endless cleaning, diapering, late nights, and early mornings. Sometimes I even take it for granted, and then I hear about parents who have lost a child, children who have lost a parent, and mothers who have lost their husband and partner through it all.

It makes me so thankful for each and every day spent with my little ones. Oh, how I love and adore them.

I love Landon even when he's asking me to read the same four books every night and nap time. We have at least 30 books, but every time it's those same four, Caillou Loses Teddy, Elmer's Colors, The Tallest Tree, and Yummy Yucky. I have and can "read" each book word for word without even looking at the pages.

If Landon's food is too hot, I'll have him blow on it to cool it down faster. Last week, as we were walking to the car outside, Landon said, "Too hot!", and started blowing at the air as hard as could.

He also joined us at a baby shower and asked, "Mommy, baby take a bath?"

At 2 years and 2 months, he knew all of his letters (capital), and can now tell you what sounds they make.

He drives me crazy with his stubborn independence, but he surprises me everyday with his
intelligence and wit. Mostly, he just makes me laugh.

Harper, my sweet, Harper. He is so mellow and cuddly. Harper takes so much abuse from the older kids and is still such a champ. Days after turning 10 months, he took his first steps, and the last few days he's been trying non-stop to walk. He wants so much to be like the older kids. He's getting better and better, taking five steps at a time before plunging to the ground. And, then he just gets back up.

He cracks me up because if I put Landon in timeout, Harper cries! He doesn't like to see anyone upset, even if Landon's in timeout for hurting him. I can tell already he has a heart of gold.

I'm thankful the Lord trusts me enough to care for these handsome, rambunctious, sweet, crazy boys. I hope I'm doing a good job.


Jana said...

amen to all of that, sister. you're doing a great job.

Amy and David Ziehl said...

You are doing a GREAT job with those boys!

Luisa said...

This post is the sweetest post! Your little boys are the most adorable boys, and they are so, so lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy. You are doing an excellent job, Kali!

Kira said...

Your boys are sooo adorable! I love that last picture of them. Sometimes I am so envious because it seems like your boys are so sweet and mild tempered... Jackson is such a hellion sometimes. You are doing a wonderful job, though!!

kalisarah88 said...

Thank you ladies. You are all so sweet.

Kira, Jackson is totally NORMAL. Landon can be a serious hellion, too. I've called him the tantrum king. He is sooo dramatic, and there are times he can be down right mean to Harper.

He loves to test the limits and see just how far he can push me. I can't wait til he grows out of it. Although, by then, my sweet and mild Harper will probably be doing the same thing.

Jana said...

Hey Girl :) I nominated you for the Lovely Blog award... you should go check it out on my blog - no pressure to keep it going though!