Saturday, June 25, 2011

a boy wants a dinosaur

Landon's been watching the old Land Before Time movies lately,
and has become slightly, completely obsessed with dinosaurs.
In one of the movies, a t-rex hatches from an egg 
and the kid dinosaurs try to take care of him until finding his parents.
So, when I saw this egg at a shop in Mammoth, 
I had to get it for him.

Throughout the entire 7+ hour drive home, Landon carefully held his egg.
If for whatever reason he needed to do something else, 
he made sure one of us was holding his precious baby dinosaur.

I was a little concerned that he might be thinking there was an actual, live baby dino in there.
After scraping, brushing, and finally soaking the egg in water to remove the clay, 
we were able to get baby t-rex out.

Landon didn't touch him right away. He looked at him, puzzled, and asked,
"Why isn't he roaring?"

I could tell Landon was very disappointed.
It was sad!
I explained that if he were a real t-rex we would all be in trouble,
because he would grow up to be too big for our apartment,
and he would even try to eat us.

Landon seemed satisfied with that.

The two of them played happily ever after...
for about two hours.
Then Landon dropped him, and his head fell off.

Good thing we don't have any real pets.

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"Ann Shinny" said...

OMG! Kali, you have to add the photo you took of Landon looking at the dinosaur when he asked, "Why isn't it roaring?" The look of his face his priceless! All the way home from Mammoth, he kept saying, "Ann Shinny?" "Yes, Landon?" "Ann Shinny? There's a real dinosaur in there." Trying not to pop his bubble, I said, "Well, I think it's a toy dinosaur, but you let me know when it hatches if it's real." A couple of hours later when we stopped at the property in Calaveras, Landon looked up at the caves in the face of the rock cliff and asked me, "There's dinosaurs in there?" So much for my attempt at modulating his expectations.