Monday, June 27, 2011


I was looking through old photos in my iphoto library (all 12, 399 of them). As horrible as I was with my ghetto polaroid digital, my heart did something when I looked at these ones.

As you may know, the boys are only 18 months apart, and a huge part of me felt so guilty after having Harper. I almost felt like I was taking Landon's babyhood away. But, I felt strongly about trying for another baby. I knew Harper was meant to come to our family when he did, and the most rewarding thing for me is witnessing the great love the boys have for each other. I know that they were meant to be brothers. They fight like all brothers do, but mostly they are so good to one another.

This week I started training Harper to sleep in a crib. I'm such a sucker for my babies' cries, so yes at 19 months, he was still in my bed. As painful as those first few nights were, I knew I just needed to let him cry it out. The other day, after about 15 minutes his crying stopped. I waited a little while, then went into his room. Landon was playing quietly, as I let him do during nap time, but Harper was sound asleep and tucked in carefully. I didn't tuck him in though...

Landon said quietly, "I put Harper's blanket on him, rubbed his head like this, and said shhhhh. Now he's asleep."

Landon is not much older, but he is such a good big brother! He is so protective, loving, and kind. Harper knows it, and always wants to be wherever Landon's at, and doing what Landon is doing.

As wild and busy as they are, I am so grateful to be their mom!


Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

That is so sweet Kali! I thought I wanted Graysen to be a girl when I was pregnant but then he got here and I saw that I was so happy that they were brothers and had each other! I love that Landon put Harper to sleep! what a sweet brother!!!

Kristy Hurst said...

You have the cutest boy! Boys are fun! Girls are drama!