Monday, July 4, 2011

a night without kids (this NEVER happens)

Over the weekend, Andrea and Eloy called us at like 11pm to eat at BJ's.
They're so spontaneous.
I decided that might be more fun
 than staying home in my pajamas playing Ant Smashers on a Friday Night. 
Karly has been staying with us and was more than willing to keep an ear out for our sleeping babes
while we lived it up for an hour.
 Andrea and I had root beer after root beer.
It was pure amazingness.
Definitely made up for the revolting egg rolls I ordered.
I've always disliked their food, 
but I may keep going back just for the ever-so-enticing root beer on tap.
 Can you see how crazy I'm getting with my forty-seventh root beer?
Anthony looks a little jealous.
Thanks Garcias!
We had a blast.
And next time, we'll get some quiche.  


Momma's Hart said...

very cute! And SO much fun!! And while you have a sitter in the house. Live it up! Go on lots of date nites. LOL

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