Thursday, August 18, 2011

Music in the Park

Every Summer Wednesday, we go to Music in the Park.
Last week was packed.
When the ABBA tribute band, Waterloo plays, it's always packed.
They were incredible and the crowd was the liveliest I've seen.
Even balloon artist, Brandon Stewart of Classic Clowning showed up.
He can be reached at 209.518.0919
Landon and Harper were fascinated.
To be honest, so was I.
This guy can make anything.
Seriously, anything.
I wanna hire him for Landon's birthday party in April, 
which he's already requested be Cars themed. 
Harper loved his car balloon, too. 
Now this next picture, I will cherish forever.
Grandpa used to put me on his lap (and every other grandbaby)
and sing "Ridin' ole billy goat, goin' to town..."
It was my faaaaaaavorite.
Harper and Landon love it, too.
And isn't my grandma so cute in her sun hat?
Harper found one of her diet cokes and stayed up until about midnight. 
That was fun.
What do you like to do with your family during the Summer?

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Samantha Nicole said...

I am so jealous. Music in the park is sooo much fun!