Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 I still get asked on a daily basis if Landon and Harper are twins, yet it never fails surprises me.
I mean, really?

Landon's head is like 5x the size of Harper's.


At Trader Joe's on Monday,
a finely dressed elderly woman was gushing at my perfectly handsome,
yet monsterly-behaved boys.
She was waiting in line and had to be summoned by the cashier because she was so captivated by my dashing young lads, as they rammed toddler sized shopping carts into each other.

The twenty-something cashier-dude did his best to politely get her attention.

Cashier- Ma'am, are you ready? Ma'am, I can take you over here. Ma'aaaam, over here, please.
Old Lady- I'm sorry, I'm just having such a good time watching these twins! They are just so cute, but I don't know how their momma does it with twins! That's two for the price of one, right there.
Cashier- My mom would have sold me two for the price of one.
Old Lady- But you weren't a twin, were you?

I didn't have the heart to correct her. 
Besides, I kind of like people thinking I'm a super mom. 


Mica said...

Ha! Love it. When I was 9-ish, I visited another ward with my BLOND, green-eyed friend, Cynthia. A few "older" women said we were the cutest twins. We were like, "what the, huh?!?" Old people...sometimes they just don't know.

Momma's Hart said...

very cute pics! I love the way you tell your stories! haha, I like Mica's comment too. People always as me if Lydia and TJ are twins. I just joke back and say "They might as well be".

Kristy Hurst said...

You will have to excuse "some people." They are the same people that come up to you with your newborn daughter dressed from head to toe in pink and say "What a cute little boy!" And all you can do is just look at them. Oh well, you have the cutest "twins" I've ever seen! They are gonna be a couple of heartbreakers.

HollySomm said...

Kali, you just have the cutest little family!