Monday, September 19, 2011

meeting nie nie

You may or may not know that I am a huge NieNie fan. Who isn't though, really? I found out about her blog the same week that their plane crashed and have followed diligently ever since. Along with thousands of others, I was praying for her recovery, my heart aching for their family. I rejoiced when she came out of her coma and was so excited to see her blogging again. What a gift for us. Her words and stories have made me laugh, made me cry, and mostly have inspired me to try harder to be a better wife and mother, despite any challenges I may be going through. I love her positive attitude, sense of humor, testimony, and her willingness to share it. What a great example to us all.

Just a few days ago, she posted on her blog about an event she would be speaking at in Loomis. I bought tickets immediately. Because, it wasn't heavily advertised, there was a very small group of people. It was a nice intimate fajita dinner on a beautiful ranch.

Her speech was awesome, and here are a few things that really hit me. She was asked if she could go back to that day before the accident, would she still get in the airplane? She said she would. She said, "I am grateful for this trial. There are lessons I would have never learned otherwise, things I can teach my children." She said, "Do not let your trials define you... It's what we do with these hardships that matter."

She talked about how she felt knowing that she was probably going to die. She thought she lived a good life and tried really hard. That also stuck with me. I could be called home at any time. No one knows for sure when their mortal sojourn will end. I don't want to have regrets. I want a clear conscience. I want to know that I've tried really hard. I want the people in my life to know how much I love them. I have some work to do. :)

Overall, I learned that life can change in a second. I'm grateful for what I have now. And, I'm so grateful I got to meet Stephanie Nielson. She radiates goodness. Ohh, and did I mention she has the cutest little baby bump ever? And, that she hugged me twice? I told her I was going to bring a sign that said, "NieNie's #1 fan!" She and Christian laughed, and she said she wishes I would have, but since I didn't, she'll put it in her memory that I did. haha. Darn it, I should have.

I'm sure most of you read her blog, but if not, you are missing out! I have especially enjoyed reading her pre-accident archives. I hope I can be as strong a woman as her, so that when the winds of life come, I will not fall.

Thanks for coming to California, NieNie! xoxo

P.S. Don't you love how our outfits totally coordinate?


Kelly Carroll said...

Thanks for to post Kali, I really like reading what you write, how exciting that you were able to meet her!!

Sabrina said...

Kali, That is so cool you got to meet her. I wish i was there with you celebrating life, and yes, the fact that your outfits match like that is superb.

Thanks for sharing the highlights of her speech!

I love you my friend!!

Busy as a Bee in Paris said...

i'm glad to know you had such a great time and that it was such a small intimate group, that's awesome! thanks for that awesome photo of you and roberta with nie and her hubby! i love it! i was looking forward to hearing about what she said, would've loved to be there, thanks for sharing!

Elaine said...

THat's so cool! Thanks for sharing. It is definitely hard to remember that this life is too short.

Kristen and Andrew said...

yay! So glad you got to meet her! You guys look great together-- and totally match! ;)

Emily said...

The picture of you and Stephanie truly made me feel giddy. You look like sisters. And if you lived close I'm sure you'd be the type to be good friends. I'm even more humbled and touched by your sweet tribute to her. Both your testimonies shine. I think you are both remarkable women. I've followed Nie Nie for a very long time and was sad I couldn't go with you. But I'm happy to know someone who met that crazy beautiful and wonderful lady 'n gent! Thanks for blogg'n about your experience. I hope we can have a get together soon. *hugs*

Taylor said...

hi! so this is completely random, but I'm new to blogging, and I clipped that Next Blog button twice and your blog showed up! Looking through the pictures I was like "she HAS to be Mormon!" on account of your modesty and what not. then I saw a picture of the temple on the left side of your blog, and so, my suspicions were confirmed! haha, yep. I'm Mormon too! :)

Taylor said...

oh my goodness, my mother loves her! that's so cool that you got to meet her!