Tuesday, October 25, 2011

life according to my i-phone

If you're not following me on Instagram, you are missing out.
I've been a pretty lame blogger lately,
but I have a good excuse.
I've been going to the gym twice a day.
(you would too if you had two boys and unlimited daycare).

Here's where I profess my undying love for Toms shoes. 
Even the boys have ditched all their other kicks in favor of Toms.
Best of all, for every pair of Toms shoes purchased, a pair is given to a child in need.
As you can see, it's time for them to get new ones already. 
Harper's birthday's tomorrow, in case you were wondering what to get him... 
He's a size 9. Huge, I know.
The boys are so into Halloween this year. 
They've worn a different costume pretty much every day this month.
And change their minds about what they want to be every .05903 seconds.

 In the past week, I have had three completely different hair colors.
 I decided I was sick of my highlights and wanted to be a red head. That obviously did not work out. So, I had to quickly cover my obnoxious strands with the darkest hair color possible.
I'm lucky to still have hair.
From blonde
to red orange
to dark brown.
I'm channeling my Cherokee roots.
 Here is the one and only way to get my boys to sleep.
Push them in the jogger stroller for hours at a time.
It's true, no break for me anymore.
Naps, how I miss them.
Pinterest has made me quite the cook lately.
This may be my favorite recipe I've tried so far.
 Harper's always been quite the ladies man.
He's submissive and easy to dominate. Girls appreciate that.
 Typical Harper and Landon.
Climbing on the counters and eating all the Reece's peanutbutter chips. Stinkers.
 Here's an example of dinner at our house. 
It's breaded tilapia (I tell the boys it's chicken fingers).
And yes, they love it.
 They love each other.
Harper's become obsessed with hats lately.
He's so funny, when we're getting ready to go some where,
he's always rushing around last minute saying,
"Wait, my hat! My hat!" 
Last of all,
Harper and Landon dumped out a 28 lb. bucket of laundry detergent this morning.
That was fun.

Oh, I love my boys. I really do.


Tiffany said...

It makes me happy that I'm not the only one who has a hectic life at times due to children!

Emily said...

hahaha. nope. you are not alone :) I love that my kiddos are playing dress up each day. You are totally right about pinterest and yummy recipes. Its been so fun to try new things. Next time you want to change your haircolor, lemme know! I'd be happy to help. And save you some $$$'s. Most important thing right now... is deep condotion those locks! But you are lovely and pretty much look stylish no matter what color your tresses are! Luv 'ya!!

Casey said...

Always enjoy looking at your pictures. Your gorgeous and the boys are just so stinking cute! Even if they are making a mess. They'd fit in well at my house my son's always into something.

Kristen and Andrew said...

Cuties!! :) I love your new hair color.

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