Monday, February 18, 2013

Star Student

Landon is Star of the Week in preschool this week, which means we get to bring snacks, toys from home, and create a poster of pictures and all the things he loves. His teachers gave us a survey to fill out that will be shared with the class. I asked Landon each of the questions tonight as he colored pixar cars for his poster. Here are his word for word responses:

I love: to play my preschool learning games on the computer, Jason, my family. I love when I'm the star student, Grandma Ruth, and Lightening McQueen.
My birthday is: April 10th.
I am special because: I'm good to Daddy and Mommy and Harper.
My favorite book is: The Human Body book, especially the bones
My favorite food is: cheeseburgers
When I grow up I want to be: a police officer knight
My favorite color is: green, orange, and blue
My favorite thing to do is: drink water because I want to be strong and super fast to be a police officer
Tell us about your family: Mommy takes pictures. Daddy goes to work. Harper goes potty, and I go to preschool.

He asked why I was laughing as I wrote out that last one. Landon gets straight to the point. I love him so much. Last night, I kept him up for about an hour after Harper fell asleep, for some one on one time. We looked at pictures of him as a baby, watched his ultrasound video, and talked a LOT. He's like mommy... he can talk foreverrrr. He asked why we wanted a boy baby after he was born when they already had a boy baby. I told him Heavenly Father chooses that and wanted him to have a brother. I said if he wants a sister, he'll have to talk to Heavenly Father about that. Right away, he folded his arms and prayed, "Heavenly Father, help us to be good and can I please have a sister and a sister and a sister and a sister? In the name of Jesus Christ, amen".

I told him he just asked for four sisters. He said, "No, I didn't. I asked four times because I weally, weally, weally want a sister.


Brenda DeRoos said...

this is so cute! The boys are getting so big!!!

Alicia's Splash said...

That was good! Thanks for all the evening laughs!! Your boys are getting soo big, growing so fast!

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Kristen and Andrew said...

love him!!