Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Report

This weekend was really good. Saturday we spent the day with friends, one of which is writing about me for a journalism class, so she had to shadow me for three hours. Literally half the time she was with me, I was cleaning. I planned to be interesting on Saturday, but I don't know what happened.
We did go to lunch at Kinder's. Landon and Harper started slapping each other around as usual. That's when Laura told them the police were going to come and arrest them for assault and battery. To our lovely surprise, not 3 minutes later, a pair of police officers walked in. And if you don't know, Landon is obsessed with police officers. That is currently his career of choice, so he can "punch bad guys in the face". Anyway, he would not stop staring at the officers, so I asked him if he would like to go say hi. He enthusiastically shook his head up and down and asked if I would come with him. He and the officers chit chatted for a few minutes about how he can become a police officer. They told him he has a lot of energy, so he'd be good for the job, but he needs to work really hard in school. Then they noticed Harper standing beside Landon. They commented on how he must be the quiet one (true) and asked him what he wants to be when he grows up. Easy, "Hulk Smash". They laughed. I hope these boys are always friendly with police officers, but... not too friendly.
I just realized we have had Leila for 9 months now and she hasn't even made an appearance on the blog. This is my third child. She is a boxer we rescued in April. I am in love with her. She understands me better than anyone else. I have a lot to say about this girl... I'll save it for her own post.

We had a family date at Elephant Bar on Saturday night. We each got our own desserts for the first time ever, which I realize is totally unnecessary, but oh, so good.

Harper gave the prayer in primary today. He seemed super excited to get up there, but a few seconds after standing at the pulpit, he got really nervous. I whispered a few short lines of prayer into his ear, and he whispered into the microphone, totally jumbling his words. I think the only thing anyone could understand was, "Jesus Christ, Amen!" He was glad to get that over with. I'm proud of him though. Sunbeam today, General Authority tomorrow. I have high ambitions for these kids.

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Kristen and Andrew said...

LOVE this! :) I want to shadow you!