Saturday, January 12, 2013

healthy house with lots of insta pics to show for it

Well, the boys are feeling much better. That means, they are back to jumping on beds, making messes, building forts, and playing hide and seek. That also means Landon is back at preschool. His teachers tell me, he always has a lot to say. Apparently he told the librarian during story time,

"I just gotta tell you one thing... when you take a bath for a long, long time, you turn old and wrinkly, and you can't see anymore, and you talk different." 

He's never lacking for information.

Couldn't be more happy that these crazies are feeling better. But oh, boy... they wear me out! I'm so tired all the time. I adore them though and wouldn't trade this stage for anything else. We were out to dinner last night and Harper suddenly put his crayons down, grabbed my face with both chubby hands, puckered up his cute little lips, and laid one on me. Can't tell you how much I love those surprise kisses! One of my resolutions is to not get so busy that I don't have time for the little things... playing hide and seek, building puzzles on the floor, reading stories (not just at bed time). In ten years, I don't want them to be too busy to do these things with me. 

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