Saturday, January 5, 2013

boo, stomach flu

Just while I was finishing up my most recent post, Harper said, "Mommy, snuggle with me." I snuggled for a minute, tried to finish my post, then he said again, "Mommy, snuggle with me." I shut my laptop and we cuddled up in my bed. He is such a good cuddler, and I love, love that he will still let me hold him, and squish him, and love on him, even though he's a big 3 year old now.

A few minutes later, he got up and threw up all over my ikea rug and minnetonka moccasins. So glad I didn't just brush off his need for snuggles because before the puke, I didn't realize he was feeling so bad.

That night, he did a lot of puking and I did a lot of cleaning. The next day we laid low and watched movies on the couch. Landon puked too. For some reason, I thought once you became a mom, it wouldn't be a big deal to clean up puke because they're your kids. Wrong. So wrong! I hate cleaning up puke. I had to hold my breath and try not to do it, too. It's awful.

On a positive note, after all the sickness stopped, the week concluded with a one hour massage and girls shopping trip that had been planned for months. I couldn't be more grateful that I stayed healthy and still got to go! It's a miracle, considering most of what I've eaten has been holiday sugar crap for the last several weeks.

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