Tuesday, January 15, 2013

no more kids in nursery

This Sunday was Harper's second week in primary. Last week, we dropped him off in that big room full of big kids, Landon on the other side of it. He was quiet, but seemed fine. This week we dropped him off and he looked so sad. He said, "I want to go to my class", the class with the toys, the class with the snacks, the class without chairs, or high expectations. To be honest, nursery is where daddy and I preferred to be during second hour as well. Now we actually have to go to class. I guess we have some growing up to do, too...

Anyway, it's just becoming more and more real to me that these boys are no longer babies. They are growing up, and I'm not sure how to feel about it. Landon has always been so mature for his age, but it was easy for me to pretend Harper was a baby this long. He's still so snuggly and squishy! It's time for me to embrace these stages, encourage growth, and celebrate new achievements.
Love these crazies.


Jana said...

Seriously can't believe our kids are out of nursery. The first week was a tough transition for Lily - I ended up having to sit with her for a good chunk of time. It's easy to leave a screaming kid in a small nursery room, but in a big room full of older kids... not so much. This last week was much better. We got her a tiny Book of Mormon to bring with her and she got to choose a special treat to have when she came home from primary after going all by herself. It worked! Hope next week is better for you guys! Your boys are incredibly adorable.

Kristen and Andrew said...

I love Harper's Bieber hair ;)