Friday, November 21, 2008

"You Crawl Like a Speed Demon!"

*I was trying to make him laugh, so he made this face and started to cry.

Bubba is crawling all over the place! In the last two days he has taught himself to pull up on the couch, tv stand, and anything else within reach. He is more and more fun each day, but leaves me more and more exhausted each day. I feel like I'm constantly running around, pulling him away from things, and redirecting. I better be thin soon.
I just overheard Anthony say, "Bubba, you are the fastest! You crawl like a speed demon!" I wonder what my child will soon be repeating.
*Video- Sorry, it's sideways!


Luisa said...

he's such a happy baby! i love him!

Dana said...

Aww he's such a cute baby. You seriously need to come by the center sometime.... Sue is very disappointed that she still hasn't seen Landon. Guess who's blogging again?