Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I could hardly wait for Halloween this year! Everything is so much more fun with Bubba here. I decided that I wanted to make his costume for his first Halloween. What was I thinking? After glue gun burns on my fingers, hats and yards of fabric ruined, I finally decided to use cotton balls. The whole project ended up costing me more than if I had bought the costume, but I don't care because I made it!

My Bubba was a baby sheep! The chubbiest sheep I ever saw. Everywhere he crawled, cotton balls were left behind. I was a school girl (for Anthony), and he was a school boy. He's not much for dressing up, but it worked out. We took Landon trick-or-treating to close family and friends. I pocketed the candy for myself.

Annie and I helped Nikki plan a Halloween party at her house. It was much anticipated and we spent much time sweating over games, food, and decorations. The party turned out to be so much fun! Our friends looked so great in their costumes and they brought the most creative halloween treats. Monica brought caramel apples with scary faces, Nikki made cookies shaped like pumpkins, bats, witches, frankenstien, and I made a spider cake that Anthony says looked just like a turtle.

Because I am a Mom, I was late to the party, and left early, but the time in between was well worth the year-long wait.


Dani said...

it looks like you all had tons of fun! we're sad we couldn't be there! i'm so excited to see everyone in a couple of weeks!

Luisa said...

I love Bubba's baby sheep costume -- he's too cute! And, you look hot and flirty (haha!) in your schoolgirl costume! looks like you guys had fun!

The Morgans said...

His costume is too cute and oh so creative. I am sorry that you burned your fingers int eh process but it was worth it. What happens when it gets dirty because you certainly can't throw in into the washing machine now can you?!

The Rawlins Fam said...

Bubba as a baby sheep! How precious!!! You did a fabulous job with his costume!

Its so much fun getting ready for holidays and birthdays and planning special events for our lil' ones!!!!

You and Anthony are truly great parents! Enjoy, and love it!

Anonymous said...

Great scott! That's what my brother looks like now?