Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

*What we're most thankful for this year.

*What we'll be thankful for forever.

*Playing with Grandma

*My family ready to grub

I have so much to be thankful for this year! It's overwhelming to think of all the blessings we have recieved from the Lord's hands. I am grateful that we were able to spend time with family on Thanksgiving. We had lunch at Anthony's mom's and dinner at my Aunt Cindy's and Uncle Greg's. It was lots of fun, and the food was fab.

I finally learned how to make Grandma's pecan pie. It is amazing. Last year my mom made me one and sent it in the mail. I was pregnant and ate the whole thing in less than two days.

This year, we were given the greatest blessing of all-- Landon James. He is the light of my life. I wake up smiling each day just to see him smiling back at me. I sing songs, he sings with me. I read books to him and have great joy in his small triumphs. When he's sad, I'm sadder, but when he's happy, I'm the happiest.

Anthony and I have been simply amazed at how much he has accomplished in the last two weeks. Last weekend, he grew two teeth. Then he started pulling himself up onto the couch and standing. He has been saying Mama, Dada, and Hi. Yesterday he surprised us when he just started clapping out of no where. We clapped back, and said, "Bubba, say, Yay!" So, he clapped and said, "Yay!" Last night he stood up all by himself for like five seconds! He just gets more and more fun! I am thankful to be a mother. I was made for this.

*Landon clapping and saying, "YAY!!!"


Dana said...
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Dana said...

Oops. Typo. Who knew it would still show that I commented and deleted, lol? Aww.... he's so stinkin cute!! I wish I got to see you guys more often. Ah well, at least you post videos. :)

The Rawlins Fam said...

I always love the way you express yourself and motherhood... Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Landon's first Christmas will be extra special and joyous! Happy Holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

So, did Anthony actually eat the pecan pie? Has he moved up to turkey yet, or is it still steak for him? hehehehe

Luisa said...

I love pecan pie...and yours look sooooo good! Yum! Looked like you had a great Thanksgiving! (I was working from 6:45 am till 8 pm -- boohoo!) But, I went to Jeff's parents' afterwards and had some leftover grub, so that was good! ;)

Oh, Landon is soooo cute! YAY!