Monday, December 15, 2008

Bubba and the Vac

I came home from work today, inspired to be superwife, and decided to do some light cleaning. After clearing some toys and furniture, I got out The PowerForce Bissell. It turned on with a loud roar, and my poor little guy started screaming like a busty woman in a horror film. A look of terror in his eyes, he quickly headed for under the crib. You laugh, but it was one of the saddest, most heart-breaking moments I have ever witnessed. I turned off the vacuum, and picked up my poor little boy. He clung to me like never before, and was shaking like a leaf in the wind.

What is a mother to do? I can't leave my house unvacuumed, but I shouldn't be scarring my offspring either. I brought Bubba to the vacuum and explained, "The vacuum is good. It helps Mama's floor get clean." I grabbed his hand and had him softly touch the handle. He calmed down a little, so with him still in my arms, I turned on the vac again. He clung to me tighter and tighter, but no screaming this time. It wasn't easy to vacuum with a 25+ baby in my arm, but, being the supermom that I am, I got the job done.

I put Bubba down on the floor, as I put the vac away. Silence. I have never seen him so quiet in my life. He just sat there on the floor staring at the Bissell, nervously. After several minutes, he reached out, smacked that vac, then crawled away. Take that, PowerForce Bissell! And Bubba was back in the game.


The Rawlins Fam said...

hahaha! Your writing style always makes me laugh! Poor buba! My doc recommended to vacuum when we brought Amy home from the hospital. It was for white noise. LOL guess I never thought it would be an added benefit to not have Amy scared to the roar.

You are a really strong gal to be able to hold him and still get the job done!

Keep kissing and pinching those baby cheeks, he'll be growing fast and won't look like a baby for much longer! That's why lots of pics are a must! And baby bubba is just soooo darling!

Sarah said...

oh my goodness....poor Landon. that is kinda funny though. you are a good mommy:)

The Hurst Family said...

What a great mommy, you made him feel better and safe. And you still got your vacuuming done =) He is absolutely adorable.