Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh, it is Love

He loves the ladies.

Sleeping with a paficier...YES!

What Bubs thinks you do in a crib.

Is this a naughty face?
All decked for church.

Snuggles with Daddy.

What a stud. Seriously.

What I wake up to every morning--fabulous bedhead.
As most of you know, my husband is The Coach Anthony Matthews. He is currently the Head Basketball Coach for the McNair Lady Eagles, which makes me the equivalent to a single mom who happens to be married. Husband is gone from about 6:30 am to at least 9:30 pm. Of course, it is my number one life's complaint, but I make the best of it. Why does he have to be so charming and majestic? I just can't help but miss him.

This weekend, I was forced to participate in a tournament he put on at the school. To fund raise, I hustled people for their hard earned cash at the door. And about that door, each time it was opened, gusts of stormy wind encompassed my body to the bone. And practically everyone had a reason that they shouldn't have to pay. It's a fundraiser, for goodness sake. "But I'm a team mom." "I'm the assistant to the assistant coach." "I'm the water boy." None of which exist for high school basketball teams.
Bubba loved the tournament. Anthony's players spoil him with attention. They are super loud girls, and Bubba loves loud people. He's already a loud little boy. He clapped, screamed, and screeched with crowd. Unfortunately, he claps, screams, and screeches during Sacrament Meeting too. Don't worry we're working on teaching him there's a time and a place.

I am pretty pleased with Bubba this week. It's been more than difficult to start him on solid foods. He just loves that mama milk. What can I say? I make it good. I can't help it. I am proud to announce that Bubs has added quite a few new foods to his repertoire. He prefers vegetables to fruits. (Where did this child come from?)

And a proud accomplishment on my part; I somehow managed to get Bubba to use a pacifier during a nap! He's been using my milk buckets to pacify himself for far too long now, which may explain the chunkiness. It's okay, because he's my adorable blob of love, but I would like to eventually end our family sleepovers and have him snooze in his own crib. Husband and I could use the alone time.

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Samantha said...

LANDON IS GETTING SO BIG!!! He looks more like you everday! The most beautiful baby ever!