Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Official: Bubba is a Toddler

*My dad with Bubba on his head*

After many complaints that I need to put current pictures of Bubba up, here you go. In the last month, he has grown officially from baby to toddler. I want to cry admitting it, but at the same time he has become even more fun! This summer has been the best because I'm experiencing everything as a kid again. We went camping and got super dirty (especially Bubba). He kept picking up mounds of dirt and putting it on his head! I about had a melt down and had to remind myself, that he is a boy and we are camping. It's okay.

My family came to visit from Oklahoma and Bubba had so much fun with them. My parents haven't seen him since he was 3 months old, so it's been fun to see the grandparents in action. That's my dad with the Bub on his head.

I started back at my old job. I love it! I get to bring Bubba with me, and it's just like an all day play date with Isaac-3 and Kathryn-18 months. They are seriously the best kids and they all have so much fun together.

The pregnancy is going well. Baby boy #2 who is still nameless is getting bigger and stronger. I promise to have baby bump pictures up next time, which will hopefully be soon. With only three months to go, I'm getting so excited to have him join our family. We'll say to Bubba, "Give baby brother a kiss," and he very excitedly runs over and kisses my belly. It's so cute, though I don't think he actually gets that there's a baby yet. He'll know soon enough, soon enough.

*Bub trying on Daddy's shoes. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have another shoe freak on my hands.*


Luisa said...

Bubba is getting sooo big! And, he's still as cute as ever! Heartbreaker alert!!!

I'm glad the pregnancy's going well, Kali. Can't wait to see some bump pics. You are such an adorable pregnant woman! :)

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

He definitely LOOKS like a toddler! he is getting so big! He has got to be a heavy one to carry around! I have a hard time carrying Jaiden now that my stomach is getting out there... I think its so cool that we are both having boys pretty much due the same time!