Thursday, August 27, 2009


Bubba insisted I put this tiger costume on him that happens to be size 9 months. I squeezed him in, brought him to a mirror, he squealed with delight, then ran around the house. Have you ever seen something so ferocious?

And you bet that's my sexy, sophisticated husband in the background. Don't tell him I told you-- But he's actually reading Harry Potter.

Husband: I love Harry Potter more than anything!
Me: What about me?
Husband, corrected: I love you more than anything. So, Harry Potter is my second favorite. Wait, I love you, then Bubba, then Harry Potter. Oh, wait, I love basketball and food more than Harry Potter. So, I guess Harry Potter is my fifth favorite.

This is the point in which I realized my husband was a nerd, and indeed not the coolest man alive as I have mistakenly been lead to believe.


The Rawlins Fam said...

you are so funny. bubba is as cute as can be? what costume will you choose this year for halloween?

The Rawlins Fam said...

p.s. I have never read Harry Potter so I don't get it. ;) Jk. I don't like witches or vampires, or bats. I had a bad encounter with bats as a child. So yes its true, I admit to you... I have never read Twilight either. LOL

Jana said...

ahahaha! how cute are you guys!?! for big pictures - create a photobucket account, upload the pictures you're using and then it will give you the html code which you can just put into your post instead of using blogger to upload the pictures :)

Annie Macias said...

I read this post to Christian and we both cracked up! It's okay Anthony...I love Harry Potter too!