Friday, September 18, 2009

Child of Mine

Soon Bubba and I will have another playmate {but hopefully not TOO soon}. It's starting to feel REAL to me and I'm getting more and more excited. It's going to be a big change. For the last year and half, it's just been me and Bubba--all day, everyday. I love it. Even though it's hard being a mom to a toddler; it's active, it's messy, it's crazy.

Our time is spent playing together, reading together, laughing, singing...going on walks, playing catch, and ofcourse watching Elmo. I'm so grateful for my time with him. We have a really close relationship and I hope that it just gets better with the new addition.

Bubba already loves babies. The other day we were at a shower and he sat at the base of this 7 week old's carseat. The baby was sleeping and Bub just sat there staring at him. He then started to touch his cheek, his nose, and I got nervous so I said, "Don't touch the baby's face, but you can touch his feet." So I pulled back the blanket, then Bubba leaned over and placed a big, smacking kiss on the bottom of his tiny little foot.

I can't wait to see him with his little brother. But I'm nervous about being in the hospital away from Bubba. Hopefully, everything will go well and the baby and I can come home right away. With the baby being so high at risk for premature delivery, I'm nervous about time I may have to spend in the NICU, so we're just praying for a healthy boy, and I'm hoping we can bring him home as soon as possible.

Here's a video of Bubba...being Bubba. Here's another video that really inspired me today.


Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

by that video, I can tell that he and Jaiden would have SO much fun together for sure!

Thats cute that he likes Elmo! Jaiden started to love Barney (because his grandmother would TiVo it for him) and I HATE that guy... but I got him to love Spongebob, which I can totally handle spongebob because I use to watch it with Logan back in the day!

Thats so cute that he just sat with that baby! I bet he'll be a great big brother!

I can see how you are worried about leaving him while your are in the hospital... I told my sister-in-law to stay with him at our house so she'll be close enough to bring him to visit me!

I hope you can hold that little guy in there too so he'll come out good and healthy so you wont have to worry about NICU time...

I cant wait til we have our babies! I cant believe we are basically due the same time!

Annie Macias said...

That video cracked me up! I miss Bubba!! You are such a great mom Kali. Your new little one is going to be so blessed to be with you and Landon everyday!

Dana said...

I miss you too! Sorry I never called you back last week, things just got crazy, but I'll try to call within the next couple of days. We have so much to catch up on! Talk to you soon! :)

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