Monday, September 28, 2009

Stretch Marks

I sat on the couch, scratching my belly, and noticed a little red mark. I shrieked, ran to the bedroom, and lifted my shirt in front of the full length mirror. In horror, I cried, "Ahhhhh....!!!! I have stretch marks!"

Then Bubba came running in after me, lifted his shirt up and stood in front of the mirror to stare at his belly.

I couldn't help but laugh. Immediately my perspective changed. I thought, I am getting another Bubba! How can I complain about stretch marks? These things are a badge of honor for carrying a child within my body and bringing life into the world. I should be proud of these "mommy badges". Now, now don't you worry, I won't be wearing bikinis and belly shirts any time soon (or ever for that matter) but I'm starting to finally become happy with my body. I've come to realize that it's not so much what my body looks like as it is what my body can do.

I'm happy baby has stayed in for this long. Thanks for all your prayers! In just 2 weeks, the doctor says we're pretty much in the safe zone, meaning I can resume all activity, including you-know-what. Although it's been kind of fun to just make out for the last month. It's kind of like we're dating again, and now we're just looking forward to the honeymoon. ;)


Annie Macias said...

Kali, you are so cute and have the sweetest spirit. You always have the best outlook on things! How grateful I am to have you as a friend!

P.S. Is this your first stretch mark?! Did you not get any with Landon?! Lucky!

I learned that stretch marks are like balloons. When my belly was all full of baby and stretched out, the color was so light I didn't think I had any, but once Noah was out and and the belly was deflated, there they were--super dark! Oh well! Badge of motherhood...I like that! :)

Eloy and Andrea said...

hahaha.... Kali you are HILARIOUS! Oh stretch marks.. Amber and I were just talking about them! I will say, I have a greater appreciation for my body more now than ever.

I love you lots and don't worry about those SM's... you're beautiful no matter what is on your body. :) Love you lots!

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

Your pictures are SO freakin cute! I know what you mean about noticing the stretch marks! I got SO many with Jaiden that I was hoping this baby would just reuse my old ones... but he made his own... it started out with just two small ones now I have huge ones every where again... I've always just called them my "war wounds" but I guess I should think of them in a more positive light like you do... I'm just glad they dont stay red forever... the ones I got from Jaiden all faded to be skin color... we only have a few weeks left!

Luisa said...

Oh, Kali, I love you! You are so cute! I love your're a beautiful, glowing Momma. You're beautiful in and out, stretch marks or no stretch marks! :)

I love this blog post. Even though I'm not preggo and have no kids, it seriously made my day! Your positive attitude made me think about my outlook in my life right now. Thank you.

I am soooo glad Baby #2 is cooperating and is staying put! We will continue to pray for him to continue to have time to grow, develop and be healthy inside you. And, I laughed so hard when you said in 2 more weeks, you and Ant can resume "that" activity. Haha. Poor guy. Or is it poor you? LOL.

heabber said...

Hey Kali,

You look beautiful in this picture. We are all sooo thankful that Bubba #2 is still cooking. Please keep me posted. Lots of love,
Heather, Goober, and KitKat

Tiffani said...

I think you are made to have kids because you look fabulous!!!

Galatsatos Family said...

You're funny! I love that you wrote you're waiting for the honeymoon... so funny!