Thursday, September 24, 2009

Letters For Landon

My Dearest Landon,

Can I just say how fun you were today? You woke up early {too early} and sat next to the bed where I still lay. You grabbed your own sippy cup and "Come Unto Christ". You drank from your cup and flipped through the pages. You've been seeing Mama read a lot more lately and have taken an even greater interest in books. You already seem to have a gentle respect for them. Thank you!

We went on a walk today with Nikki and your best bud, Piper the Italian Greyhound. Even though I'm supposed to be on bed rest, I know how hard it is to keep you cooped up inside. As I pushed the stroller, you were so excited and pointed to every tree saying, "Tee!" in your cute little raspy voice. You also held Piper's leash for awhile and loved that, but I'm afraid you almost choked her once or twice.

You saw your first real live snake today, too! A lady had one around her neck at Lincoln Center. She said you could come see. I brought you close and I'm not sure what you thought. You got real serious and just stared at it.

Last night Piper came over and you two ran around and around and around. You were both so excited to see each other. I haven't heard you laugh so hard and so long ever! You just love Piper, and I hope to get you a dog one day soon. But first we'll have to get used to your little brother.

He will be here so soon! I'm excited to see you with him. I know you'll be such a great big brother because you are so sweet and loving to everyone. He will be blessed to have you and I know you'll love each other and have so much fun together {'cause I'm gonna make you}.

I love you!



Samantha Nicole said...

OMG How cute!! I love it!

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

That picture at the top of the post actually makes him look like his dad! He usually looks like a mini you! You're such a good momma!

Luisa said...

This post is the sweetest! :)

Annie Macias said...

LOVE this! How lucky Landon is to have you for a mom!

Annie Macias said...

P.S. about the fall header...I am majorly technology challenged, so I just found that pic on a yahoo image search and added our names to it on paint :)