Monday, June 14, 2010

Intro to Kali Photography

I have been saving up for an SLR camera forever, and I finally pinched enough to get my Nikon. I'm so excited, I can hardly keep my hands off it. My friend, Monica is an amazing photographer, and she has been so gracious to show me all the technicalities of the photography world.

As some of you know, Lauren has been living with us for almost two months now, and she's so darn cute I just I had to get a few shots. I'm hoping to specialize in family and possibly wedding photography, but like I said, I'm still learning, so we'll just have to see what I gravitate towards.


Tiffani said...

Good luck the pictures look great! btw I am super jealous of your camera!

Amy and David Ziehl said...

These are great! I LOVE your new camera!

Sarah said...

That's it I we are moving back to Cali now and you are taking our family pics. lol. These are great. What can you NOT do? lol Miss you guys a bunch!