Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sesame Street Live

My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Greg took Landon and I to see Sesame Street Live on Tuesday. It was one of the most magical two hours of our life.

There is something about seeing the excitement on your child's face that shoots joy to the core of your soul. When Elmo and his monster friends came out, Landon lit up like a Christmas tree, and I started to get emotional (like TEARS). I know, I am such an embarrassing mom already!

My aunt and uncle are amazing and got us THIRD ROW seats, and we were able to move up to the FRONT ROW by the second half. We were literally inches from the stage. Landon got to high five Telly Monster, Grover, and he tried to feed Cookie Monster some popcorn.

Grover saw himself on Landon's t-shirt, gasped, and pointed to us! You couldn't slap the smile off my face. In fact, I wouldn't let Landon climb on the stage, and he did slap me. Still smiling. He's only two, but I hope Landon never forgets. I know I wont!

Thanks again Aunt Cindy and Uncle Greg! We love you!

Okay, after Aunt Cindy sent me this photo taken from her iphone, I thought maybe the show was more for me than Landon.

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Jana said...

How fun! You look so pretty Kali!