Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm totally psychic

This is me and Adam when we were kids. Didn't we look so much alike?

As you may know, Adam was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago. 

Aunt Cindy sure has some amazing friends. They bought a star for Adam.
 So, there's a star in our galaxy named Adam David Hamel,
 and you can see it if you're far from the city. 

Aunt Cin texted me to let me know she and Nate would be going to the dessert to find Adam.
Here's our convo. I'm green, she's white.

Those are Adam's ashes in the box next to Sponge Bob "hanging out in the backseat".


Dione said...

That is a priceless picture of you and your cousin, so cute. That is SOO cool they named a star after your cousin, what a great idea!!

Momma's Hart said...

Brilliant! That's so neat they named a star after him. I didn't really know Adam, but I may always remember this! :)